Sunday, May 08, 2011

Everybody Hurts

7AM - Everybody Hurts
Do you remember REM's song, "Everybody Hurts"? Maybe if David had listened to this song, he might have hung on.  I know that this song works for me!

5PM - Perspectives
During my several weeks living in the San Diego area, I have seen many people living on the streets.  Compared to these street people, I have a fantastically wonderful and rich life.  A roof over my head.  My own bathroom, kitchen, bed.  I have heaters to keep me warm at nite.  This is my physical perspective.

However, there is an emotional perspective as well.  Viewing myself thru this perspective, I see a diminished family.  Nobody to celebrate Mother's Day.  No place on Earth that I call home.  But still, even from this emotional perspective I am doing really great.   But I have to use my imagination to bring this perspective into view.

There are many innocent persons in prison.  I am better off than these poor souls.  Survivors of the Holocaust who came to the United States leaving behind much of their murdered family.  I am better off than them.  There are sick persons in hospitals.  I am better off than them too.

If you are reading between my lines, you may be guessing that I am still struggling.  Still trying to get on top of the loss of my home in Concord, California.  But I am not struggling all the time.  Only sometimes.