Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeling great1

6AM - Feeling great!
Late yesterday afternoon my doctor phoned.  He told me that my bladder operation is NOT in jeopardy as I wrote to you yesterday!  I was worried for nothing.  My worry caused my imagination to run wild!

Wow!  I am feeling sooooooo great this morning!

9AM - Breakfast in the park
We are camping again in Newhall Park. I've just finished breakfast. Watched the movie, "Saving Private Ryan" while eating. I thought that you would like to see the mess MsTioga is in since we moved in all that stuff from the rental space yesterday! So, Little Mavicita captured the pic below for you to see.

I know that I have not been myself for several months. How I feel comes out in my writing. I am still adjusting to David's suicide. Also, I am coping with my younger son being aloof because he too is messed up by what happened to his brother David.

Now I am back where David used to live in Concord, California. Being here is hard for me. Before I arrived here, I suspected that it would be hard.  I am sorry that my blog story has been such a downer for so long.  I remember those days when I just wandered around searching for adventure.  All I can do is believe that someday I will return to the way that I used to be.
MsTioga's mess!

Light rain