Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friend sushi

9AM - Invited for sushi!
You may have guessed that the next part of my trip north might be a bit tough.  I am not too far away from Concord.  And there is no more son David to visit in Concord!  That thought has weighed on me lately.

So, when the phone rang a few minutes ago and a friend invited me to go out for sushi this afternoon, I was sooooo happy!  Just what I needed to take my mind off of darker thoughts.

6PM  - Camped in Concord
We have made a Nite Camp in an industrial neighborhood where we have Nite Camped many times.  Mr. Datastorm went up and could NOT locate his satellite.  Hmmmmmm?   So, we searched for an open WiFi access point and found one!  Lucky!

I went out to for sushi earlier this afternoon with my friend.  That was a nice time.  However, when I parked at my friend's home, I did not pay close attention and scraped the bumper of a car parked there.  I made arrangements to have the bumper repaired.

Clear sky