Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Front brakes

4AM - Front brakes
Yesterday I was in the Kearny Pearson Ford waiting room.  We were at Ford to have MsTioga's heater core replaced.  Mike, my service advisor, came to tell me that MsTioga's front brakes needed replacement.  I was a bit astounded to hear him tell me this.  Why didn't my Auto-Maintenance Pro software system warn me to have the brakes checked?

I have worked hard to have my computerized maintenance program catch stuff like the front brakes in a timely fashion.  And here I was being surprised!  So, this morning I looked at Auto-Maintenance Pro and found that I was supposed to have had the front brakes checked on April 14th!!

What is the problem?
Why did I fail to look at my maintenance schedule for several weeks?  What is going on here?  I am guessing that all the stuff that I have been going thru since last September, still has me a bit off balance.  Even though I seem to be recovered from grieving, I am apparently still not back to where I was.

I do not want you to be worrying about me.  I believe that what I am going thru is very normal.  It's only about six months since David died.   I guess to slip-up in some maintenance stuff is not so terrible.

Kearny-Pearson Ford
Yesterday the Ford dealer replaced MsTioga's heater core.  And, the replacement core is made from brass and is a Ford-Motocraft product.  The brass metal should stop the electrolysis that has caused failure with the aluminum heater cores several times.

Also yesterday, we gave the OK to have MsTioga's front disk brakes replaced.  We stayed at Ford until after 5pm for all the work to be completed..

This morning we are going back to Kearny-Pearson Ford and have several maintenance items attended to.  Also, MsTioga wants Ford to check her rear brakes.  You may recall that Ramon the mechanic in Aticama changed out MsTioga's rear brakes last January.  We want Ford to inspect Ramon's work.