Friday, May 27, 2011


6AM - Parking at the hospital
You may remember that I went to the hospital several days ago to arrange for MsTioga to park there when I have my surgery.  The captain of security promised to phone me about that.  I'd not received that call.  So, this morning I drove to the hospital and parked.  We backed in to the parking place.  MsTioga's rear extended over an area that is part of the landscaping.  The front did not stick out of the white line area by more than 6".  The captain seemed satisfied with this arrangement.

8AM - Giant Chef
Usually I prepare my own breakfast in MsTioga's kitchen. My usual is two eggs over-easy, one slice wheat toast, a bowl of fruit with some cottage cheese. But this morning for some reason I wanted something different. So, I treated myself to Giant Chef in the City of Pleasant Hill.

I like Giant Chef mainly because I love to sit at their counter which is right in front of the cooking line.  The cooks are soooooo fast!  I don't know how they do what they do?  I couldn't be a cook there for even 30 seconds!   One cook is able to break eggs open with both hands!

I ordered an omelette with ham and cheese, wheat toast and a bowl of fruit.

10AM - A permanent stick house
A few very nice Readers in ShoutBox wondered about me owning David's house. I have thought about that too!

That house has four bedrooms and three baths. Now, if I would find a woman to love and have kids with, this might be a pretty neat place to live.  With a nice swimming pool and a hot tub!  Wow!  Sort of like starting life over again, during my 73rd year on Earth.  Makes me smile to think about that!  Because I believe with what I know now, I would make a much better husband and father, the 2nd time around.

But, back to reality.  I really do love the way that I live now.  For me, living in MsTioga is the simplest kind of life.  I am free as a bird.  I can stay in a place, or go.  Living in MsTioga is cheap compared to a house.

6PM - Facetious 10am post
In re-reading my 10am post, it seemed to me that this post might be interpreted as being facetious.  I did not intend that.  I very much appreciate Readers who consider my welfare.  Including those Readers who felt that I might buy David's house.

I was just being funny and possibly silly with my remarks.

Mostly cloudy