Monday, May 23, 2011

John Muir

7AM - John Muir Medical Center
My Green Light Laser Surgery is scheduled for May 31st at the John Muir Medical Center in the City of Concord.  This morning I have been directed to have blood work and an EKG done at this hospital.

About a week ago I phoned security at the hospital in order to learn if MsTioga would be able to park there.  "No problem", I was told.  "Just check with security when you arrive."  So, this morning at 7am I checked with security  "We do not have a place for an RV here.   Who did you talk to?"

Don't you just hate when stuff like this happens?   Hmmmmmm?

10AM - Blood work and EKG
I've just returned to MsTioga after having blood drawn and taking an EKG. Afterwards, I checked back with hospital security who assured me that a place will be found for MsTioga to park on the day of my prostate surgery!

MsTioga found a place to park on a quiet street near the hospital.  You may see where this place is by clicking on our Google Map link.  We may remain at this place for awhile today.

4PM - Kidney problem?
Doctor Smith phoned because he was concerned about my blood test. Creatine is at 1.7 level. This indicates reduced kidney function.

I returned to the hospital this afternoon for an echo of my kidneys.  Time may be winding down for Tioga-George.

Partly cloudy