Sunday, May 01, 2011

Months flying

6AM - The months are flying by!
As I am typing this post to you, I am munching on baby carrots.  I used to pop Hershey's Kisses, a wonderful milk chocolate treat.  But then my friend John gave me a blood-glucose test which started me eating healthy once again!

I have not written about my son David for awhile.  But I think about David every day.  My grieving has changed.  I used to be so very sad for my loss of David.  I am sad for David now, and much less sad for myself.  I am sad for what happened to David during 2010 that caused him to take his life.  David did not tell me what all of these bad things that happened to him were.  But they must have been terrible for him.  And thinking about that makes me sad.

But, most of the time now, I do not think about David.  Mostly I am doing fine.  I have a lot for which to be thankful.  For example, I have no pains.  The weather here in San Diego is really nice.   And MsTioga is running pretty good.

I am a bit surprised at how quickly the months flew by me this year!  Wow!  During my heavy grieving months, many days just slipped by me.

1PM - Coronado Island
MsTioga is Day Camped close to the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island. It is a gorgeous day! I made my breakfast here, and replied to a bunch of email too. Now, I am going to take a very nice nap!
MsTioga Camped near the Hotel Del

Blue sky