Sunday, May 29, 2011


8AM - Nervous
I shouldn't be nervous about my upcoming surgery.  But I am.  I've asked to be "out-cold" before the operation.  It would not be good for me to be completely conscious as I am wheeled into the operating room.  When I had cancer back ten years ago and my doc needed a biopsy, I felt the same way.  In the operating room they went to strap me down to a gurney!  No! I told them,  "If you are going to strap me down, first anesthetize me."  And they did!  Oh lord, I hate to be nervous like that.

Lately in order to take my mind off of thinking about all this, I've been watching celebrity interviews on YouTube.  Watching these interviews really works for me.  I like Dave Letterman and Charlie Rose as interviewers.

6PM - Nite Camp
MsTioga and I are back in the place where we have been Nite Camping here in Concord. This is an industrial neighborhood, and especially quiet on the weekends.

During the afternoon I got in the mood for a Casper's Hot Dog! There is a Casper's close by. I like the "pop" when I bite into one of those dogs!

Does it seem to you that life has really quieted down for us on the TiogaRV Team?  It has.  However, I am happy with that.