Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Repair report

6AM - Repair report
Well, MsTioga's time at Kearny-Pearson Ford has been an interesting experience!  I am not sure if I mentioned to you that MsTioga's brakes were not working right.  Even after Ford replaced MsTioga's front brakes a couple of days ago, the brake pedal felt wrong.  The pedal went almost to the floor and required an extraordinary amount of force to stop MsTioga quickly.  So, yesterday I gave Ford the OK to check out the rear brakes.

You may recall that last January, Ramon the mechanic in Aticama, Mexico gave MsTioga a rear brake job.  However, apparently Ramon made some mistakes!  The mechanic at Ford showed me what the problems were.  I saw with my own eyes, that some of the springs and the adjuster were broken.  Ramon the mechanic did not replace some broken brake springs, and instead used wire which he attached to the broken spring in order to connect the spring to the brake.  Some springs were obviously worn, and were simply not replaced by Ramon.  Also, there is a big and small brake shoe and the positions of these two shoes were reversed.

In short, the rear brakes actually did not work at all.  Since Ramon's brake job last January, MsTioga has been stopping using ONLY her front brakes!  Wow!

MsTioga's heater working now!
This morning we pulled out of our Nite Camp and were on the road at 6am.  I turned on MsTioga's dash heater, and warm air came out.  First time that MsTioga's dash heater has worked correctly in over a year!  Wow!  Nice to be warm when it is cool outside.

I believe that I mentioned to you yesterday that the replacement heater core is fabricated with brass metal.  Mike my service advisor at Ford told me that the brass heater core may have been provided from Ford to correct the electrolysis which destroyed heater cores fabricated with aluminum.

Repairs expensive, but worth it!
We paid Ford $1,363 for new brakes front and rear, new heater core, lube and change oil and some miscellaneous repairs.  Parts cost $360.  Labor $974.  Also, a few days ago we paid Griffin's Auto Repair $574 to change out MsTioga's alternator which was destroyed when the cable caught fire.

There is no way around doing these repairs.  We must keep MsTioga in good running condition.

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