Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seymour Shirley

6AM - Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley
This morning we are heading north to Santa Barbara for a visit with my Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley who live in Santa Barbara.  It is a good time for us to visit with relatives here in California.

We pulled out of our Nite Camp in Camarillo at 6am.  MsTioga likes to leave her Nite Camps early so as to not disturb our neighbors.  Here in the USA, very often neighbors are bothered by the sight of an unrecognized RV parked in their neighborhood.

How do we find Nite Camps?
Here in Southern California Nite Camps are difficult to find.  All communities have regulations against Nite Camping or sleeping in a vehicle.  We have found that industrial and commercial neighborhoods do not pursue enforcement of these regulations.

As we travel along the highway, we look left and right for these kinds of neighborhoods.  Then we explore to check out a good place for a Nite Camp.  Last nite we found such a place next to the Camarillo Airport.  It was a good and quiet camping spot.

MsTioga and I have been doing stealth camping soooooo long, that we have developed a talent for spotting Nite Camps that will work for us.



No map today