Thursday, May 05, 2011

Surprised Ramon

8AM - Suprised by Ramon the Mechanic
I have to admit to you that I was very surprised to learn that Ramon the mechanic messed up so much!  Ramon was recommended by my friends in Aticama, and had a good reputation.  Many years of experience as well.  I cannot understand what went wrong.

This bad experience does not sour me on using auto mechanics in Mexico.  Stuff happens!  For me, this does not reflect on all mechanics in Mexico.  I am anything but xenophobic.  And I believe that I judge each person that I meet on their own merits.

Also, I believe that if I begin to mistrust all people because of some bad experiences with some people, that I will be doing damage to my soul and the quality of my life.

1PM - A new RV?
Some Readers write that I should buy a new RV. MsTioga, they write, is too expensive a gal to maintain. Wow!

How could I sell my best anthropomorphic friend, MsTioga?  What would I tell her?  Also, what would my blog be called?

The Adventures of Lazy Daze and George?

Clear blue sky