Monday, May 30, 2011

Things to do

6AM - Things to do
Tonite MsTioga plans to make her Nite Camp in John Muir Hospital's parking lot.  You may recall that arrangements have been made with hospital security for MsTioga to park in a particular spot.  This spot is the only place in the entire parking area where MsTioga's rear may extend into the landscape space.

I am supposed to check-in with the hospital's "Short Stay" department tomorrow morning at 5am!  My operation is scheduled for 7:30am.  I wonder why they want me there so early?

Today I have several errands to do.  Get a haircut.  Fill the 5-gallon drinking water bottles.  Do some grocery shopping.  After these things are done, I was planning to stay at one of the City of Concord's lovely parks.

6PM - Hospital Camp
MsTioga has made her Hospital Camp across from the Emergency Entrance.  This is a different location than we had picked last week.  Somebody else is parked at last week's pick.  I checked in with hospital security a few minutes ago to alert them to the new location.
MsTioga at John Muir Hospital

8PM - Listening to Mark Knopfler's Local Hero
Both David I loved the movie, "Local Hero".  What would that movie be without Mark Knopfler's fantastic music? As I listen watch and listen, I imagine that David is with me inside MsTioga.  And David is loving the music with me! [link]

Did you know that Mark Knopfler started the band, "Dire Straits" in 1977?

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