Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weird guy

6AM - A really weird guy!
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may have come to believe that I am a really weird guy.  I know that I believe that!

Take what happened yesterday afternoon.  MsTioga and I drove to David's house to drop off the stuff that came from the rental space.  That rental place stuff was clogging up the inside of MsTioga.  I plan to figure out what to do with all that stuff after my prostate operation next Tuesday.

Anyway, as I was driving to David's house, I thought to myself that maybe David is not really dead!  Hmmmmm?  Now this is really weird.  Because I myself arranged for David's cremation.  I myself met with the Calaveras County coroner.  I myself picked up the certified death certificates.  For God's sake, the forest ranger who found David showed me the place where he died!

Yet, here I was imagining that maybe David was not really dead.  Maybe when I enter his house, I will surprise him with my appearance.  What would he say to me?  "Hi Dad!  You are probably surprised to find me here!  I can explain!"

I may be weird, but I am not delusional.  I know that David is really dead.  And, I am not depressed by that knowing anymore.  In fact, I am able to think about David without getting depressed, the way that I used to get.  Yet, when I walked thru the garage yesterday afternoon, and opened the door to enter the house, I sort of expected that David would be there.  Really weird!

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