Friday, June 24, 2011


8AM - Benicia
Back in April, 2003, MsTioga and I were doing shake-down trips to find out how the stuff we were installing was working.  Below is a pic of us in the Town of Benicia.  This was before we began publishing our blog and may have been one of the first pics of MsTioga and myself together.

This morning we returned to Benicia to the same place and took another pic.  We have traveled soooooo far, only to have returned to where we began.
George and MsTioga
Camped in Benicia, California-April, 2003

Camped in Benicia today

12 Noon - Nite Camp
It may be difficult to make our Nite Camp in the Town of Benicia.  However, fearless MsTioga is going to try for a Nite Camp here anyway!  And the plan is to be near the water too.

We are not going to disclose to you where this Nite Camp will be right now.  Later this evening, we will put our Nite Camp location into the Google Map!

Blue sky