Saturday, June 25, 2011

Carquinez Strait

8AM - Carquinez Strait
Yesterday afternoon we talked to a fellow who works in the Harbor Master's Office in the City of Benicia and asked if we could rent space to park MsTioga overnite.  He told me that only boats could stay overnite in the Marina  However, he suggested that if we would stay only one nite at the other end of the Marina, we probably would not be bothered.  So, that is what we did!

Would you like to see where MsTioga is located?  Click on the Google Map link below and back the map off a bit.  You will find that our Nite Camp is alongside the Carquinez Strait.  Down stream from here is the San Pablo Bay, then San Francisco Bay and then the Pacific Ocean.
Carquinez Strait is behind us

10AM - Heading west
We pulled out of the Benicia Marina and are heading west.  On the way out MsTioga spotted a hose bibb and filled up our water tank.  We do not know where we are heading to.  MsTioga and I do not like to plan stuff like that.  No reservations is our motto.  Que sera, sera!

4PM - Olema RV Resort
MsTioga and The Team are staying at the Olema RV Resort & Campground. Yes, we have paid to stay here. $56.70 with the $6.30 Good Sam discount. We do not belong to Good Sam, but they gave us the discount anyway! Pretty neat, huh?

MsTioga is hoping that you are not too disappointed that she is paying to stay here. We are getting a bit long in the tooth to hold staunchly to our "never pay rent" motto. Stuff changes, right?
Tioga and George in Olema Campground

Blue sky