Thursday, June 23, 2011


5AM - Doctor this morning
Just yesterday MsTioga and I traveled to Berkeley, California and made a Day Camp there to escape the heat.  And this morning at our Concord Nite Camp, we just turned on Mr. Wave6, our noble catalytic heater.  It is not really very cold.  Only 62°F.  But we on the TiogaRV Team are spoiled.  So we are treating ourselves to some heat.

My dermatology appointment is for this morning at 10am.  I have to be there 15 minutes early to do the paperwork stuff.  As I wrote to you before, the growth that I am having the doc look at is on my head in the area of my right side burn.  Yesterday I used my electric razor to carefully remove that side burn hair that covered the thing.  Although it is on the side of my head and a bit difficult to see, with the hair removed I am able to describe it.  The growth looks sort of grayish and raised up.  Kind of crusty looking.  When I gently squeeze it, there is no pain.

I am hoping that the doctor removes the growth this morning.

11AM - Growth removed
What appeared to be a squamous cell was partially removed and is being sent out to a laboratory for a biopsy in order to determine if the growth is malignant.  The growth was removed at the skin line so that any scar would be minimal.  If the growth is malignant, I return to have surgery to remove the rest of the squamous cell.

I have a lot of stuff wrong with my skin.  My skin is old and has been ravaged by exposure to the sun for many years.  I am not striving to achieve immortality at this time in my life by medically addressing all the potentially cancerous growths on my skin.  The only reason that I had this particular growth removed was because it kept on growing and it was getting in the way of barbers trying to cut my hair.  Also, the thing was big and bugged me.

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