Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dr Smith

6AM - Doctor Smith
This morning at 9am I have an appointment to see Doctor Smith.  I get the catheter removed and the doctor checks me over to insure that the operation on my prostate is healing properly.  I still have pink pee, but it is a lighter pink than yesterday.

I understand that there are risks with any medical procedure.  With the laser TURP operation, less than 5% of men experience incontinence which might be caused by scarring at the neck of the bladder.  I guess that I will find out soon how my TURP came out!

9:30AM - Catheter out!
Well, so far, so good!  My catheter is out.  I have not had to pee yet, so I have to wait to find out about that experience.  Doctor Smith gave me a prescription for "Uribel" which is used for painful urination and to control urination.  I was concerned about "dribbling".   So far, no dribbling!

Living in an RV
My recent experience of going to a hospital and to my doctor's office got me to thinking about how convenient it is to be living in an RV.  As you may remember, I was able to park right at the hospital.  And this morning, right now MsTioga is parked in Doctor Smith's parking lot.  This is soooooo handy!

2PM - Afternoon Camp
MsTioga and I have traveled to Heather Farms Park in the nearby City of Walnut Creek. The sky here is only partly cloudy and a bright sun is out.

I have some discomfort when peeing, but it is not too bad.
George in Heather Farms Park
Looking out thru MsTioga's windshield

Partly cloudy