Saturday, June 18, 2011


7AM - Drifting
Yesterday after breakfast at Giant Chef Burger, MsTioga and I drove to David's house.  We have several favorite Camps in Concord.  But David's place is the one where I feel the best.  There are a few things that should be done while here in Concord.  However, I am not doing them.  Because these are an excuse for me not to leave here.  Yes, I am drifting.

During the afternoon, I downloaded several movies.  When dinner time came, MsTioga and I drove to La Palma, a little taqueria that recently opened up.  I bought chicken enchiladas for takeout and returned to David's where I spent the nite.

This morning MsTioga and I are camping near the CostCo.  We have camped here many times.  We like this place on the weekend because there is very little traffic and it is peaceful.

Blue sky