Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, just before I headed out, Fredericka said, "Let's take a picture!"  The pic above are Pete and Fredericka Olson and myself with MsTioga.

When I was terribly troubled and deep in grief because of what happened to David, I reached out to Pete many, many times.  And when we had the gathering to celebrate David's life, Pete came there to give me support.  Pete sensed that this gathering would be a very tough time for me.  Which it was!

Shortly after that, Pete and Fredericka got married. Now both these two are my swell friends!

9AM - Tricked by a virus!
I believe that I found out why my HP computer went bad.  Reader Joe emailed that my computer got infected by a virus! It happened after I received a notice that my AVG Anti-Virus Software had an important update.  That notice fooled me!  I should NOT have clicked on that notice, which in fact was a virus!

After I clicked on this false notice, my real AVG warned me of the virus.  But I was sooooooo smart that I thought that my AVG had made an error.  And I did NOT quarantine or remove the virus threat.  That is how Mr. HP got infected.

3PM - Installing Windows 7 on Mr. HP
I've decided to install a clean version of Windows 7 on to Mr. HP.  You may recall that our primary machine is an Apple MacBookPro.  Mr. HP is only our backup computer.  However, Mr. HP is very important to us!  We do all of our movie watching on Mr. HP.  All of our movie downloading too!

For some reason that we do not understand, our little WiFi Hawking dish works much better on Mr. HP than on our MacBook Pro.  For all of these reasons, we want Mr. HP working 100%.

Blue sky