Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Good neighbor

6AM - Good neighbor
Here in the USA it is a good idea to pull out of a Nite Camp early so that MsTioga's impact on neighbors is minimal.  This morning I wanted to pull out at 5:30am but overslept and actually left at 6am.  There were not any neighbors up and about at 6am, so all is well.

I've found some Nite Camps here in the City of Concord that have wonderfully fast WiFi access points.  I use our little Hawking Dish to tap into these WiFi points  [link].

11AM - Washing clothes
We are at David's house doing laundry and some other chores.  I sort of numb-out when I am here.  Otherwise, it is too hurtful to be around David's house.

The lawn is soooooo green!  Much greener than I have ever seen before.  Maybe it is all the rain that fell this season?  Or maybe it is the care the gardener gives the lawn?  The tree in the middle of the lawn that David worried about dying for years, is growing like a weed and looks so healthy.

MsTioga is parked in the driveway.  The garage door is open and I am looking at the garage cabinets that I built for David back when he first moved in here in 1998.  The cabinets are still filled with David's stuff.  It will fall to David's Mom to dispose of all that stuff.   She is administering David's estate for the probate court.

Blue sky