Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Harbor explore

7AM - Exploring the harbor
This morning MsTioga and The Team are going to explore Bodega Harbor.  We have been staying in Porto Bodega RV Park.  In the pic below, MsTioga is at the "A" marker.  We plan to drive on the road shown in the lower end of this pic.  We will be driving on the spit of land that narrows the harbor from Bodega Bay.

I do not want continue going north until the medical results from my lab tests are in.  You may recall that last week I had a growth taken from the right side of my head.
Bodega Harbor

My friends John & Mimi, both of whom are psychologists, wrote me an email suggesting that I am depressed and that an anti-depressant might be very appropriate for me to take at this time.  I am looking into that.

There is no doubt that I have not been myself for quite awhile.  I have been spending an extraordinary amount of time inside MsTioga watching movies.  Although I enjoy watching movies, this kind of activity is not healthy for me.  I should be much more active.

David's suicide appears to have really traumatized me.  However, nine months have passed since then.  I know that I am still grieving.  But I should not be as emotionally disabled as I have been.

Note:  I just wanted you to know that today I am feeling pretty good!

12 Noon - Heading inland
We drove all the way to the end of the jetty or spit which forms Bodega Harbor.  As suspected, the jetty is man-made and was constructed by the Army Engineers.  There are a ton of RV campsites alongside the jetty road which are called, "Doran Beach Campgrounds".  Most of these campsites are reserved for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

We have decided to go inland because the coastal area may be quite congested during the holiday.  MsTioga stopped along the road to the City of Sebastopol in order to make this post to you.

5PM - Pete & Frederika's place
We have arrived at Pete & Frederika's place, our friends who live in the City of Sonoma, California. It is a gift from God that I have friends like these who share their home with me.

On the way here I passed an In-N-Out Burger!  How could I resist eating supper there?

Partly cloudy