Thursday, June 30, 2011

Health report

9AM - Health report
Prostate. There are a couple of health issues that might interest you.  You may recall that I had my prostate operation one month ago on May 31st.  There are no symptoms remaining from that operation.  No longer do I get up at nite to use the bathroom.  During the day when I have to go pee, I still have urgency problems.  But urgency has nothing to do with the prostate.  For me it has to do with the sphincter muscles of the bladder.  I am doing exercise to strengthen these muscles and this seems to be working.

Emotional health issues are an ongoing challenge.  Yesterday I wrote to you about the possibility of my using an anti-depressant.  In order to get a prescription for an anti-depressant, I will need to see a psychiatrist.  The plan is to return to the psychologist that I was seeing last October and ask her for a psychiatrist recommendation.

Sleeping pills. In addition to the anti-depressant, I am also going to ask the psychiatrist for medication to help me fall asleep.  Often when I go to bed I begin thinking about the David situation and sleep does not come.  Just after David's suicide because of being very upset, I did not sleep for several days in a row.  I got a prescription for Temazapan 15mg.  This is a sleeping pill that works really great for me.  I use this medication from time to time and still have several capsules remaining from that original prescription.

Biopsy results. I just checked online for the results for the biopsy of the growth removed from my head on June 23rd. The lab does not have results yet.
In Pete & Frederika's yard

1PM - In the yard
I'm sitting on the dance stage.  When Pete and the band have a get-together here, guests dance on this wood platform or stage.  The home is far enough from any major streets so that traffic noise is minimal.  Lots of tweeting birds though.  I like that a lot!  During the nite time, it is dead quiet here.  No street lites shine on MsTioga during the nite.

Did I mention to you that I invested in a Verizon wireless modem?  It is an extravagance because now I have three ways to get online.  The Datastorm connects to HughesNet.  Our Hawking Dish connects to unsecured WiFi.  And now this tiny wireless Verizon modem plugs into a USB port and connects to the vast Verizon network.  The Verizon works really great with the MacBook Pro, which is my favorite computer of all time.  .

Blue sky