Wednesday, June 22, 2011


6AM - Hot!
Yesterday after leaving David's house, our plan was to travel to the Pacific Ocean in order to escape the predicted 99°F high.  However, we had to visit our bank to take care of a situation.  By the time we left the bank it was 1:30pm.  So, we suffered thru the afternoon under a shade tree.  Inside MsTioga the temperature got over 100°F.  By midnight it got down to 82°F and I was able to go bed.

You may recall that I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow morning in the City of Walnut Creek.  That is why we are hanging around here enduring this hot weather.  It is supposed to be a bit cooler today.

10AM - Berkeley
MsTioga and The Team are camped in the City of Berkeley.  It's not hot here!  When we traveled west of the Oakland Hills, the weather got cool.  We are sooooooo happy to be here.

Clear sky