Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HP broken

8AM - HP computer broken!
Late last nite as I was using Mr. HP, our laptop computer, it shut down unexpectedly.  On checking what went wrong, it was found that the computer's hard drive went bad.  Mr. HP is broken!

Mr. HP is a Probook 4510s which we bought from R-Computer in Pleasant Hill, California and paid $878.  That was in September, 2009.  So, Mr. HP lasted 21 months.  Isn't that about $42/month?  Wow!

More about Mr. HP
Our main computer is a MacBook Pro.  Mr. HP is our backup computer and is used mostly for watching movies because the HP has a large screen.  Even with Mr. HP being broken, we are able to access his hard drive using "Safe Mode".  While in Safe Mode, we have transferred a bunch of downloaded movies from Mr. HP's hard drive to a stand-alone hard drive.

We do not know why Mr. HP works in Safe Mode and not in regular Windows Vista?

We plan to return to R-Computer in Pleasant Hill, California where we bought Mr. HP and ask them to repair him.

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