Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Little Trip

5:30AM - Little Trip!
We have been invited to Pete Olson's for a potluck party on Sunday.  Pete lives only 45 miles north of our Camp in Concord, California.  So, MsTioga and The Team had a meeting this morning and decided to do this trip via scenic and historic side roads.  We do not plan to arrive at Pete's place until Friday!

We will be heading up to the City of Martinez this morning.  Martinez is the county seat of Contra Costa County.  Then we will be exploring along Carquinez Scenic Drive.  MsTioga does not recall exploring this road which we believe overlooks the Suisun Bay [Link].

7AM - Old trail to Martinez
MsTioga drove north on Pacheco Boulevard which follows the old trail to the City of Martinez.  We stopped at an historical marker to pay homage to early pioneer Doctor John Marsh who was murdered along the trail on September 24, 1856.  We have been fans of Doctor Marsh for many years [link].
Dr. John Marsh
Murdered here

1PM - Carquinez Scenic Drive
We are Afternoon Camped above the Suisun Bay on Carquinez Scenic Drive. As we entered this road, a sign warned that our way was blocked two miles away. We asked a man building a house about the warning. He told that there was a washout about 20 years ago which was never repaired. So, we went driving for a look-see. Then we will turn around and return to Highway #4 to continue our trip.

This morning around 9am, we made a Breakfast Camp at the Martinez Marina. There is a parking area in the Marina where several old RVs are camping. It is a scenic spot where a couple hundred different species of birds walk around asking for handouts from Marina visitors.
Tioga and George on Scenic Drive

Note: Overnite camping is not allowed on Carquinez Scenic Drive.

4PM - Camping in Vallejo
MsTioga found a Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood in the City of Vallejo. Our Camp is in front of a vacant lot. Although giant Interstate #80 is close, for some reason we barely hear the traffic noise!

Vallejo is the largest city in California to file for bankruptcy protection.  In 2008 the City of Vallejo filed under Chapter 9 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Clear sky