Friday, June 10, 2011

Napa Camp

7AM - Camped in Napa
This is our Camp in the City of Napa. We arrived here late yesterday afternoon. We like this place partly because it is a side street with not too much traffic. But most of all, there is a WiFi access point that we are using that is soooooo fast! You would not believe!

As you may see, I am dressed in a short sleeve shirt and short pants. It is a bit chilly, but not too bad. There are signs that the Sun will be peaking thru soon. The afternoon should be warm.

Did you know that the movie, "Super 8" begins showing today? Hmmmmmm? How can we resist?! First showing at a nearby theater is at 10:55am!

9PM - In-N-Out Burger
As supper time approached, In-N-Out Burger was on my mind!  So, MsTioga and I went over there for supper.  Right next door to In-N-Out is a McDonald's and down the block is a Jack In The Box.  We counted almost 100 customers at In-N-Out and only a few customers at McDonald's and Jack.

Blue sky