Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pink pee

7AM - Pink pee!
Yesterday I wrote to you that the pee in my catheter bag was red.  Wow! That got me scared!  However, this morning the pee in the bag is pink!   I am sooooooo happy about that pink pee which indicates to me that the surgery is bleeding less.

Doctor Smith prescribed three medications for me.  A stool softener, an anti-biotic and Vicodin for pain.  So far I have not had to use the Vicodin because I have no pain.

MsTioga is still camped at John Muir Hospital.  This is her third day camping here.  I believe that we will move sometime today though.  It is very easy to drive MsTioga and I do not believe that I will be doing myself any harm to drive a short distance to another camp.

6PM - Supper at Sizzler!
Late in the afternoon, MsTioga and I drove to the Sizzler Restaurant in the City of Concord.  I did not feel that I was in any stress from driving one-day after my prostate operation.

I had the Senior Steak!

Partly cloudy