Friday, June 17, 2011


6AM - Problem!
I wonder if you have the same problem that I have?  I just want to sit around not doing much.  I like that.  Is there something wrong with just sitting around?

I remember when I was in my cancer support group back about 9 years ago.  I made a promise to God that if I ever got cured that I would "rush at life and never look back".  And that's what I did.  However, does that promise mean that I will be rushing at life forever?

I am 73-1/2 now. Is it OK to do nothing?

7AM - Giant Chef Burger!
Is going to Giant Chef Burger in the City of Pleasant Hill considered doing nothing? I love Giant Chef's "Mini Pancake Breakfast".  Two small pancakes, one egg with bacon.

 I always order a cup of fresh fruit! Yummmm.

Blue sky