Sunday, June 05, 2011

Prostate report

8AM - Prostate report
Many Readers are older men possibly considering a prostate operation similar to the one that I had recently.  If so, you may be happy to read that my recovery is going well.   Good urine stream.  No pain.  Bleeding almost stopped completely.

However, I do have extreme urgency.  When I have to go, I better be at the toilet within seconds.  Otherwise, I have to change my underpants!  This urgency may also recover in time.  I sure hope so!

2PM - Direction
Readers write wanting to know where I will be heading next.  You know something?  I really do not know!

When I first bought MsTioga, my direction was clear.  I wanted to fix up MsTioga to be an RV that could travel anywhere and still seem to be "fully hooked up".  After that, I wanted to explore everywhere.  Because everywhere was new to me.  My challenges eight years ago were colored by my age.  I was soooooo young back then.  Only 66!  Wow!  I felt as though I could do anything!

Now I feel as though that I have to patiently wait until a new direction shows up for me.  My life experiences have taught me that something is coming.  I should not, it seems to me, try to guess what that something will be.  And yet, I must have my mind open to perceive.  Open to be ready.  Excited for whatever comes along!

A bit rainy