Saturday, June 04, 2011

Rain all nite2

7AM - Rain all nite!
The rain came down all nite long.  And it is raining now.  A steady rain.  Not letting up.  The rain water is flowing in the gutter, but not flooding at all.  MsTioga is camped on an angle so the rain flows off her roof.  No leaks when she is at an angle!

My Mom
In 2002 my Mom died. I looked after my Mom during her last years. In my Mom's healthcare directive, she wrote not to sustain her life by extraordinary means. At the end, many things were breaking down in my Mom's body.  She wanted to die.  But her heart kept beating.   So, it fell to me to ask her doctor to let her die.  The doctor wrote in my Mom's chart, "No food or water unless directed by patient".  It took three days for my Mom to die from lack of water and food.  It was barbaric.  I watched as my Mom held her eyes closed hour after hour until finally she passed away.  There was no other way!  The doctor would not give my Mom drugs to end her suffering.

I was reminded about that horrible time with my Mom when I read yesterday that Doctor Jack Kevorkian had died.  Doctor Kevorkian who championed our right to die by painless means.  I wish that my Mom could have died that way!

In memory of Doctor Kevorkian, I watched the movie "You Don't Know Jack" starring Al Pacino.  The movie is online. [Link]

Steady rain