Thursday, June 09, 2011

Roaming adventure

6AM - Roaming for adventure!
This morning we will be meandering in a northerly direction, just roaming around searching for adventure.  Who knows what we may find?

Yesterday's Nite Camp in the City of Vallejo proved to be a safe and quiet place.

10 AM - Nice drive
MsTioga and The Team enjoyed our drive thru Vallejo which appears to be a quiet residential community.  Even though we did not stumble into an adventure, it was a nice drive.

We then headed north and found ourselves in the City of Napa where we decided to eat breakfast at an IHOP.  I love pancakes that do not fall apart.  How rare it is that we find such pancakes!  Sure enough, at this IHOP the pancakes fell apart.

Even though this part of our trip encountered little in the way of an adventure, we thought that you would like to know what is going on!   

1PM - Operation report
Just the same as before. Have to get to the toilet fast. Apparently some people have decreased bladder capacity as they get older. I must be one of those people!  No more bleeding.