Monday, June 27, 2011


8AM - The truth
As I descended into the funk in which I am now living, my writing here in my blog did not clue you in.  Not completely, anyway.  There are reasons for not writing the real truth.  For one thing, I did not want to bum you out!  Another reason is that I believe that if a person wants to change something in their life, that person should act the way that they want to be.  And then they will become that person.  This concept follows the idea, "If you would have faith, act as if you have faith, and faith will be given to you."  By acting as I hoped to be, I figured to rise out of this funk, this depression that I am in.

As I write these words to you, I really am not sure how truthful I should be here in my public blog.  I'm just going to have to see how this thing goes and play it by ear.

3PM - Maybe not
What good would it do to let you in on all the things that go on in my mind?  Those things that comprise all of my truth.  Would that do you some good?  Would that be good for me?  Maybe not!

I am more tolerant now for people who use drugs to get thru their day.  Although I do not use drugs, I use movies for the same reason that many people use drugs.  To dull my senses.  To slow down my consciousness.  To keep me from asking, "Why?"