Monday, June 06, 2011

What where

6AM - What-where?
Yesterday in my 2pm-Direction post, it may not have been clear what I am waiting to learn.  And it is not a simple question.  Not as simple a question as, "Where should I go next?"

Because this is a "what" question.  As in "What should be the direction of my life?"  I feel that I am at a watershed moment.  But I do not know for sure if this is actually such an important place in my life.  My wondering is only a suspicion of being at a watershed moment.

When I compare my life changing direction decision of 2003 with now, things were so clear back then.  This time I find myself at a real mind-bender.

9AM - 2008 future prediction
I tape notes to myself on the toilet door.   I just pulled off a note dated 1 October 2008 on which I wrote:

Prediction for 2011:
Dow-Jones: 6,750
Price Gasoline: $1.65/gallon

Wow!  Not even close!

Mostly sunny