Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where it is best

9AM - Where it is best
I am typing this blog post to you from the kitchen table in David's house.  I am feeling pretty good.  And being here makes me feel good.  I thought about where I should be, and David's place came up as the place where it is best for me right now.

I am not here at David's looking for answers, because there are no answers.  This was my home for many years, and it still feels like home to me.  That is the simple truth of why I am here.

Later this morning I may go out visiting.  I do not know where, because where is not important.  Going out is the important thing.  I still have a few friends remaining around here.  I want to see what they are up to.

4PM - Father's Day
Some of us fathers do not get to enjoy Father's Day with our children anymore.  Things happen.  That is how life goes.  Even so, I did receive some Happy Father's Day greetings!

Friends Pete and Fredericka phoned up to wish me Happy Father's Day.  Also, Reader Terry who lives in the City of Concord spotted MsTioga camping in the K-Mart parking lot and dropped by for a Father's Day visit.  These things were very nice!

We made a few phone calls to friends.  Nobody was home.  So, with these calls we left Happy Father's Day greetings!

Now we are back at David's house.  The house is very well insulated.  It is a delightful 78°F inside.  This temperature is much better than MsTioga where it is 89°F inside.

8PM - Bewildering times!
I've just returned from Tachi Sushi Bar located in a nearby shopping center.  First I ordered maguro, which is a slice of tuna on top of a small loaf of sticky rice.  Then I ordered yakitori, wonderfully tender beef in a marvelous brown sauce.  The yakitori came with a small salad with such a tasty dressing, you would not believe!  And then I ordered a Philadelphia roll-smoked salmon with cream cheese and small pieces of veggies.  What an adventure in eating!  I loved it.

As I was returning to MsTioga, I spotted a yogurt shop and looked inside.  Modern yogurt shops now have several self-serve yogurt dispensers.  Customers fill a cup with whatever flavor they want, as much as they want.  Top it with a choice of a zillion toppings.  And there is even whipped cream!  Pay by the ounce.

As I sat enjoying my yogurt, I thought about what a bewildering time my recent life has been and continues to be.  Just last year I could have come to this yogurt shop with my son David.   Only last fall my son Joe and his Mom went to Tachi Sushi with me.   And here I am today enjoying Father's Day alone.

Believe me, I am enjoying today.  I am lucky to have the perspective to appreciate the wonder of what today has brought to me.  Even so, it blows me away to realize how much my life has changed.  And in such a short time too!

I believe that it is blessing from God that we do NOT know what our future will bring.  It would be a cursed thing to know in advance.

Blue sky