Friday, July 22, 2011

Back at ocean

8AM - Back at the Ocean
Yesterday after the doctor visit, we spent the afternoon with a friend in the City of San Ramon.  Then around 6pm, it was time to think about where our Nite Camp will be.  So, MsTioga headed west and went back to the Ocean!

As we were approaching the San Mateo Bridge to cross San Francisco Bay, we viewed fog slipping over the coastal hills.  We were hoping that only a small area would be clouded over.  However, we soon learned that a foggy sky followed us all the way thru the hills and down into Half Moon Bay

This morning when we looked out of MsTioga's window, we found Half Moon Bay still covered with low clouds.

We like the quiet sound of fog horns.

3PM - Never pay rent!
When MsTioga and I first began vagabonding together, we boasted about our "Never pay rent" motto.  However, lately we have occasionally been paying rent.   Some Readers may be thinking that we should change our rent motto.

So far this month we have paid $150 in rental charges.  Maybe we should change our motto to, "Rarely pays rent?"


All cloudy aky