Friday, July 08, 2011


6AM - By the beach!
MsTioga moved her camp down by the beach.  There's no parking here until 6am.  We were the first to park [here] this morning.

I am downloading the movie, "A Bronx Tale".  It's a good story about the criminal element in New York.  MsTioga and I identify with the criminal element, because we are outlaw vagabonders!  But you already knew that.
MsTioga in Santa Cruz

2PM - MsTioga boxed in!
By the time mid-afternoon rolled around, the beach was filled with people. And MsTioga is boxed in by parked cars.

6PM - West Santa Cruz
We returned to the west end of Santa Cruz for our Nite Camp. On the way we stopped at the famous Santa Cruz Diner for supper.

The City of Santa Cruz is a bit tough for RV camping on the streets. The area of our Nite Camp is a commercial neighborhood which is generally an easier camp.

Partly cloudy