Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping Santa Cruz

9AM - Camping in Santa Cruz
Most of the streets in the City of Santa Cruz have warning signs. "No Parking Midnight to 6am"  MsTioga and I have been camping here in Santa Cruz for several days with no police contact.  We do not Nite Camp in the prime spots near the Pacific Ocean.  That would be tempting fate.  We Nite Camp in commercial areas.

We have noticed that other vehicles are parked in these "No Parking" areas too.  These cars and trucks display no parking permits.  We are guessing that these warning signs are not enforced by police.

2PM - West Cliff Drive
Our most favorite drive in Santa Cruz is along West Cliff Drive.  This road twists along right next to the ocean.  Today the surf is up and the colors of the water are gorgeous green, blue and white.  There is only one place next to the water where MsTioga may park, and we are there now.  This place is along the surfer's Steamer Lane.
Red arrow is Steamer Lane

Blue sky