Tuesday, July 05, 2011


6AM - Squamous cell cancer?
Do you remember when I went to the skin doctor?  A growth was removed near my right ear which I was told appeared to be squamous cell.  That was on June 23rd.  The doctor sent the removed tissue to a laboratory in order to determine if this tissue were cancerous.  The results should have been returned in 7-10 days.  And no results have been sent to me yet.  However, the results may have been delayed because of the recent holiday.

Anyway, that growth has returned.  In only 10 days since the growth was removed, it is now the same size as before.  I do not know anything about such growths.  But the speed of this growth seems ominous to me.  So, I am leaving Bodega Bay this morning and returning to my skin doctor to get a read on this thing.

11AM - Pre-cancerous
The lab results came back being pre-cancerous.  But the rapidness of the growth recently may indicate a change.  So, they have taken another biopsy to see how that turns out.

It may seem as though we are going around in circles with this thing.  However, I am only relating to you what has been told to me.  If this 2nd biopsy comes back as also being pre-cancerous, perhaps the area of the growth will be frozen to kill the tissue.

4PM - Camped in Berkeley
The outside temperature in the Concord/Walnut Creek area was around 98°F.  Much too hot for MsTioga and The Team.  We headed west again and are now in the City of Berkeley where it is a nice 70°F.

7PM - Riva Cucina
I was hungry and went out looking for a close-by restaurant.  Just across the street from MsTioga's Camp we found, Riva Cucina.  A moderately priced Italian gourmet class restaurant.  I ordered fish which turned out to be a wonderful eating adventure!

Grilled herb and breadcrumb-crusted Oregon petrale sole, roasted potatoes, arugula, fennel, lemon