Monday, July 25, 2011

Concord hotel

6AM - Concord hotel
Today MsTioga and The Team are heading inland to get ready for my skin cancer surgery tomorrow.  I've booked a room in a City of Concord hotel for two nites.

This afternoon there are a couple of things to be done.  First thing is my tranquilizer prescription must be picked up.  I asked the doctor for this tranquilizer.  I want to be mellowed out during the surgery.  The doctor is going to be working near my right ear.  This means that my head will be draped.  The tranquilizer should insure that I do not get bothered by feelings of claustrophobia or other anxiety during the surgery.

The second thing is to get a haircut.  The patient information received from Doctor Bortz's office recommends getting a haircut and trimming the hair around the surgery site.  My surgery is in the area of my right sideburn.  .

4PM - Got haircut and drug
I am checked into the Crowne Plaza Hotel and just returned from getting my haircut and tranquilizer drug.  The hotel has a pretty fast internet connection.  Do you know what that means?!  It means that it is movie time for me!

Blue sky