Sunday, July 31, 2011


6AM - Decisions
I've got some decisions to make and walked to the Natural Bridges viewpoint to think.  In about four days the Tioga Team's web counter crosses 6 million visits.  Little Mavicita wants to publish a six million visit video.  So, while looking down at the bridge, the birds and the waves, I was thinking about what to talk to you about in the video.

Soon September will arrive bringing the first anniversary of my Son David's passing.  We plan to scatter David's ashes on that anniversary.  It has fallen on me to decide where that scattering place is to be.  So, I have been thinking about that too.

I've come to understand that my life follows a chaotic path.  And strangely, I've found comfort in that understanding.  I've had to adjust to the wild chaotic extremes of my past year.  And guess what?  I believe that I figured out a way to do that.

Little Mavicita would like me to talk about adjusting to chaos in the six million visit video.