Wednesday, July 20, 2011


7AM - Skin doctor
This morning MsTioga will be heading toward my skin doctor in the City of Walnut Creek.  My appointment is for the early afternoon.  MsTioga wants to arrive in the nick of time and not too early.  Because the temperature is predicted to be 97°F in Walnut Creek!

This skin doctor thing is a bit confusing.  Even I do not understand it completely.  Anyway, I have two skin doctors.  The first doctor removed the growth near my right ear awhile back and sent the tissue to a lab for analysis.  The tissue proved to be malignant.  This first skin doctor referred me to a surgeon skilled in the Mohs procedure.  I am meeting with the surgeon tomorrow for a consultation prior to the Mohs procedure.

This morning I am returning to the first skin doctor in order to find out if I have any other skin problems that should be attended to.  I really do not know why any other problems were not attended to the first time I went to this skin doctor.

Are you as confused as I am?

10AM - The plan
The plan was to stay west of the Oakland hills in the City of Oakland or Berkeley. It's cooler there. But, we could find no parking places for MsTioga. So, we went thru the Caldecott Tunnel and are now parked in the City of Lafayette. MsTioga is in the shade of some trees over [here].

About 1/2 an hour before my appointment, we will drive over to the doctor's office.

2PM - Freezing pre-cancers
Well, it's all over.  All of the little pre-cancers growing on my upper body have been frozen off using nitrogen gas.  The pain is not too bad during the freezing.  Now it is about an hour later and many of the frozen places feel like stings.

I found a place [here] in the shade of a tree to stay during the afternoon.  It is a bit warm here.  I like it better next to the Ocean.