Saturday, July 16, 2011


7AM - Exploring west Santa Cruz
We are [here] to explore the far western part of Santa Cruz.  We came here early in order to get some more sleep in a very quiet location.  Exploring will happen after I wake up!

4PM - De Anza Santa Cruz
We have been Camped across from the entrance to De Anza Santa Cruz, a residential manufactured home community. There are several "Open Houses" that are for sale in De Anza and I went to visit a few of them.

Homes are for rent here for about $2,300/month and cost about $80,000 to buy plus land rental.  It is really very quiet here because De Anza is at the road's end.

There are rent control issues which may drastically affect persons thinking about buying here.  Too bad!  Really a lovely place if the land rent would not skyrocket [link].