Monday, July 04, 2011


Happy 235th birthday!

6AM - Seeing the flowers
It is a tremendous asset to have a popular website.  Because when I have questions, I get a ton of answers from readers.  As you may know, I have had lots of questions lately about what is going on with me.  One oft repeated answer is to "go out and see the flowers".  Although I do not write about flowers as often as I used to do during my early years (2003, etc), I still look at them a lot.  Trees too.  I am conscious about the loveliness of nature.

Just a few minutes ago I went into my blog's archives back to July 4th, 2010 in order to get the HTML code for the flag pic above.  2010.  That was only a year ago.  I was having such a good time that day.  My heart was filled with joy!  What is so different today?  Lord!

7AM - Day trip towards the coast
Yesterday afternoon Pete and Frederika went for a drive toward the coast.  They phoned me when they had reached Petaluma telling that it was much cooler there.  MsTioga and I are heading west toward the coast this morning in order to look for cooler temperatures.

8:30AM - Pepper's Restaurant
I'm eating breakfast at Pepper's Restaurant in the City of Petaluma. Inside, the place is decorated with 4th of July balloons. Very nice! We are [here].

I've brought the Apple MacBook Pro with me into the restaurant.  You may recall that recently I bought a Verizon USB device that connects me with the internet.  I really like the Verizon compared to Datastorm/HughesNet antenna that we have used for many years.   The Verizon is soooooo convenient in places where their signal is available.  It uses hardly any electrical energy too compared to the Datastorm system.  Right now I am subscribing to both Verizon and Datastorm.

4th of July, 1950
When July 4, 1950 arrived, I was 12-1/2 years old. My Dad and Mom had split up and Dad did not come around much.  I do not recall how I managed to buy a bunch of fireworks myself.   I am guessing that Mom helped me.

I decided to set off my fireworks in our neighbor's front yard which was built over the garages.  Unfortunately I set the bag of fireworks too close to the place where I was lighting the fireworks.  The very first one that went off sent sparks into the bag.  All of the fireworks went up in a giant bunch of fire and sparks.

Wow!  I remember my disappointment to this very day, 61 years later.

12 Noon - Porto Bodega Camp
MsTioga and I did not know that when we headed out this morning that we would be camping in Bodega Bay again.  However, that is where we ended up!

You may see our location by clicking on the Google Map Link, below.

She Lyin' Woman (She's a lying woman)
I like this song!