Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forest walk

7AM - Forest walk!
Little Mavicita and I are very excited this morning! We are taking a forest walk thru Natural Bridges Park. We begin [here] and continue north thru the park. You may be able to see where we will walk by clicking on the "here" link.

It is a bit chilly out, so I am wearing a sweatshirt, long workout pants and a wool cap!

8:30AM - Returned from walk
We have returned from our walk.  We could have done this walk in about a half hour.  But we messed around talking to the guys working on the West Shore Drive resurfacing.

Little Mavicita took a couple of pics for you.  The first one is a sign which tells the story of Monarch butterflies migration.  Click on the pic to make it big for reading.

The 2nd pic shows all that remains of the natural bridges.  I guess that there used to me a bunch of bridges a long time ago!  Now there's just one bridge.  Little Mavicita captured this natural bridge a couple of days ago on a sunny afternoon on the beach.

Now we are heading over to Santa Cruz Diner for breakfast!  We have checked out several breakfast joints in Santa Cruz, and like SC Diner the best.  We like sitting at the counter because we can watch the cooks and waiters.  Also, there is usually somebody nice to talk with.

10AM - Squamous cell carcinoma
I just got a phone call from Doctor Becker's office that the biopsy taken several days ago is Squamous cell carcinoma.  I have a July 21st appointment with surgeon Doctor Bortz for a preliminary examination for a Mohs procedure to have the cancer removed.

I also have another appointment with Doctor Becker's office to have all of the other growths on my body to be looked at and hopefully, frozen off.