Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heading north again

7AM - Heading north again?
MsTioga and The Team are Morning Camped [here] at Steamer Lane.  There is little wave action right now.  Even so, about 20 hopeful surfers are scattered about in the waters below.  This spot is a good place to be camping on a Sunday.  Should be a lot going on up here on the bluff above the bay.  Joggers, bikers, walkers.

I have been thinking about meandering north again.  There are two skin doctor appointments coming up.  The first one this Wednesday in the City of Walnut Creek.  By starting to head north early, MsTioga and I will be able to enjoy Highway #1 (the coast road) again and take time getting to our destination.
George at Steamer Lane

10AM - Weng
I've removed the pic-link to Weng's blog.  I received an email from Weng this morning telling me that she does not have the luxury of time for her blog.

Things change.  We never know when they will change, or what the changes will be.  However, I do know one thing for sure.  It is a lucky thing that we do not know what will happen in advance.  Living in blissful ignorance is a true blessing.

1PM - Jeff's tiny trailer!
As we were driving north toward Half Moon Bay, we came upon a truly startling sight.  A tiny aluminum house trailer towed by a bicycle!  I quickly pulled MsTioga over and we backed up to take a closer look.

We met Jeff, the designer and builder of this 170 pound trailer.  Jeff is 55 years old.  He lost his right eye to cancer.  Jeff has built three versions of his ultra-light trailer.  Jeff claims that the current version of his trailer has a unique shape that allows him to pull it against the wind with not too much effort!

Jeff's only income is $200/month in food stamps.  He hopes to commercialize the trailer but needs investors to do that.  I donated $20 to Jeff.  If you would like to help Jeff with a donation, please send it to:
PO Box 2043
Willits, CA 95490

6PM - A prophetic post
I would like to share with you a blog post that I made on September 29, 2009, a year before my son David killed himself.  In this post I quoted a poem by William Woodsworth.

Oh God!  What irony is contained for me in the words of this poem!  And especially in the words of my own blog post!  Click [here] to read that post.

Blue sky