Saturday, July 23, 2011


8AM - Booked hotel
I am going to need a place to stay before and after the operation to remove my skin cancer.  So, I just booked a hotel room in the City of Concord.  MsTioga is large and most parking places at hotels are small.  The hotel that I'll be staying at has space at the rear where MsTioga will fit in and be safe.

When I confided in my doctor that I get anxious when I have to undergo medical procedures like this one, he prescribed Xanex.  I am trusting that Xanex will do the trick for me!

6PM - Generators
During the afternoon a big class-A RV pulled in next to MsTioga.  Soon their loud generator was running.  So, we moved our camping spot to the other end of the lot.

The skies were grey all day long.   Not good weather for solar panels.  We got Little Honda Generator out.  In about 2-3 hours, the solar battery bank was all charged up.
Little Honda

All cloudy aky