Saturday, July 02, 2011


7AM - Knowing the future
Why am I sad?  Good question.  I believe that I am able to help you understand by relating some stories.

Yesterday I was sitting in the yard here at Pete's home.  Pete was with me.  I asked Pete if he could know what his future was going to be, would he choose to know it?  We both agreed that to know our future would be a terrible thing.  Both of us would not want that!

This morning I received an email from Reader Carolyn.  It seems that Carolyn has been reading my blog starting at the beginning.  She is up to February 12, 2005.  On that day I was living in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia and camping in front of the Cubilete Sports Bar.  Each nite before closing, they played a song inside the bar.  It is called "A Quien" and is sung by Karina.  It is a very sad and haunting song about love that has flown away.

This song is a music video on YouTube.  As I listened to the song this morning, it came to me that back in 2005 I did not know what my future would bring.  Now, I do know what my future would bring me.  And in that knowing, I am sad.

10AM - Good therapy!
I do not know why, but after I wrote the 7am post above, I felt much better!  MsTioga and I drove from our Camp at Pete's home to downtown Sonoma.  We are camped [here] right now.  I am going to walk around this neighborhood mainly searching for a place to eat breakfast.

Sonoma is a cute little city.  I get good vibes from being here.