Friday, July 15, 2011

Leave Please

6AM - Leave Please
Last nite around 10pm we heard a "plunk" sound.  Something touched the outside of MsTioga.  Going outside to check it out, we found a paper under the windshield wiper.

"Leave Please" was the message.

This kind of thing does not happen often to the TiogaRV Team.  But it does happen.  We try to be good neighbors.  That is why we we move our Nite Camps so as to not stay in one place for several days.  However, this particular location has no homes in this block.  Only businesses.  So, we thought that we would be OK here.  But apparently one person was bothered by MsTioga's presence!

We immediately moved one block down and stayed the nite there  We were not bothered during the rest of the nite.

PS:  It really bothers me to tell you that this kind of thing never happens to me in Mexico.  Only when I am in the United States do my neighbors treat me this way!  Why is that?

9AM - Washing clothes
I am at a coin laundry that is located on the same street where I was not welcome last nite. It is clothes washing time!

So far, nobody has bothered me or stuck any more notes on MsTioga's windshield.

4PM - You've got mail!
After we lost son David's home as our address, we researched where our new address should be.  We chose America's Mailbox in South Dakota.  This mailbox service proved to be a good choice because America's Mailbox delivers excellent service.  Since then we always had our accumulated mail sent to the home of somebody we knew.  This is somewhat inconvenient.

A couple of days ago we had our mail sent to a UPS Store here in the City of Santa Cruz.  That worked great!  We just picked up our mail.  UPS charged only cost $5 to receive the package.