Sunday, July 03, 2011


9AM - I get the message
This morning I picked a movie to watch called, "Remember Me".  It was an online streaming video movie and I picked it out at random not knowing the plot.  It turns out to be the story of a couple of families.  A mother is murdered while her young daughter watches.  A son hangs himself.  A young woman from one family falls in love with a young man from the other family.  And finally, that young man happens to find himself in the World Trade Tower on September 11, 2001.

I truly believe that my life is guided.  Something is leading me, protecting me, teaching me.  I was led to watch this particular movie in order to give me a message.

"It could be worse!"  I get the message.

11AM - Shady place
It was getting hot. So, MsTioga and I wandered along Riverside Drive and came to a shady place next to Maxwell Farms Park. It's a lot cooler [here]!