Thursday, July 07, 2011

Morning walk2

8AM - Morning walk
The sky is overcast this morning.  And I am loving it!  It is soooooo much easier for me when it is cooler.  Do you love the fog too?
George & Tioga at Pillar Point

12 Noon - Uncle Joe's 35mm slides
This story may seem trivial to you.  But it was a big thing for me.  Uncle Joe died in 1991.  He had never married.  Had no children.  Joe had hobbies.  One of them was taking pics.  I guess you could label Joe the "family photographer".

All of Joe's stuff was left to me.  That included boxes of 35mm slides.  What was I to do with these slides?  Usually pics are passed on father-to-son.  When MsTioga and I got together in 2003, I passed on Uncle Joe's slides to my son David.  And I forgot about them.  After David died and I was going thru his stuff, I found those boxes of slides stored in a cabinet in David's house.  Lord!  I did not want those slides back.  But again I was faced with the question, "..what was I  to do?"

When I returned to Mexico in December, 2010, I moved the slides to a rented storage space.  When I returned to California last April, I got the stuff stored in the rental space and moved it to David's garage.  A few weeks ago I came finally to the point where a decision had to be made.  I moved the slides into MsTioga.  But there is no room for these slides inside MsTioga.  During the day they were kept on my bed and at nite stacked up in MsTioga's kitchen.  This could not go on!

This afternoon I shipped all of the slides to Scan Cafe where they will be digitized to DVDs.

There is really nobody left who is interested in Uncle Joe's pics.  But I could not just toss the damned things into the garbage!  As I wrote above, this may seem to be a trivial thing to you.  But it was and is a tough thing for me!

5PM - Camped in Santa Cruz